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Rugby World Cup 2019: Fast-improving Georgia desperate to crack big time
In Tbilisi, two castles stand out on the mountain slopes surrounding Georgia’s capital city. The crumbling fourth-century Narikala Fortress couldn’t be …

Teams don’t have to name World Cup probables
Times of India
MUMBAI: When India’s chief selector MSK Prasad stated here on Friday that he and his colleagues would have to pick 30 probables for the World Cup  …

Ante Milicic’s appointment as Matilda’s coach adds intrigue ahead of World Cup campaign
ABC News
If there weren’t already enough reasons to watch this year’s Women’s World Cup in France, the appointment of a highly respected coach from the …

Cricket – India urged to boycott Pakistan in World Cup after Kashmir attack
“Let’s boycott Pakistan in @ICC Cricket World Cup ! Let’s stand together against the terrorism they are sponsoring,” cricket fan Ishan Datta said in a …

Bobsled track worker narrowly escapes serious injury at World Cup event
Fox News
A track worker at the Bobsled World Cup in New York narrowly escaped serious injury Saturday after he was able to jump back over a ledge before …

Marcel Hirscher claims third slalom World Championship title
CNN International
(CNN) Marcel Hirscher claimed the third slalom World Championship gold of his career, drawling level with the men’s record set by legendary Swede …

New Zealand begin U-19 World Cup preparations with tour of Bangladesh
The two teams have only met in World Cups to date, four times in total, and both teams have won and lost two games each. New Zealand are coached …

2019 Cricket World Cup : Who will be hot or not?
Eyewitness News
LONDON – With Tuesday marking 100 days to go before the start of the 2019 Cricket World Cup in England and Wales on 30 May, AFP Sport looks at …

Qatar aims to build $20 billion sports sector ahead of World Cup
Eyewitness News
DOHA – Qatar wants to attract more sports companies to the Gulf state, aiming to develop a $20 billion sports sector ahead of the 2022 World Cup , …

Ante Milicic confirmed as Matildas head coach for World Cup
The Guardian
Ante Milicic, the former Socceroos assistant coach, has been named as the man to guide the Matildas out of the ongoing political fallout from the …


Liam Squire to leave New Zealand after World Cup
Planet Rugby
Liam Squire to leave New Zealand after World Cup . Date published: February 18 2019. All Blacks and Highlanders back-row Liam Squire has …

England face buoyant Windies with one eye on Cricket World Cup
Bridgetown – England enter the home stretch of Cricket World Cup preparation with a five-match one-day international (ODI) series beginning on …

Winners of tumbling competition as part of World Cup awarded in Baku
By Trend. The ceremony to award the winners of the tumbling competition as part of the World Cup in Trampoline and Tumbling was held at the …

West Indies’ Chris Gayle announces retirement after World Cup 2019
DD News
West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle will retire from One-Day Internationals after the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, which is to be held in England and …

Azerbaijani gymnast grabs silver at World Cup in Trampoline and Tumbling in Baku
The World Cup in Trampoline and Tumbling is being held in Baku. Some 200 gymnasts from 30 countries are taking part in the championship.

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哈萨克斯坦运动员波托兰宁获越野滑雪 世界杯 意大利科涅站第四名
据了解,哈萨克斯坦运动员目前正在备战于本月19日在奥地利塞弗尔德举行的 世界杯 分站赛,这将是波托兰宁本赛季的焦点战之一。 据悉,哈萨克斯坦共 …

这将是中国男篮在男篮 世界杯 前的最后两场世预赛,这两场比赛中国男篮出战12人名单为(因为伤病原因名单有调整):. 翟晓川、方硕、吴前、刘志轩、赵睿、 …

2019 世界杯 滑雪登山赛中国松花湖站2月19日开赛
2月19日,2019 世界杯 滑雪登山赛-中国松花湖站将在万科松花湖度假区拉开序幕,这是2019年滑雪登山 世界杯 在欧洲之外地区举办的唯一的一场赛事活动。

蹦床 世界杯 阿塞拜疆站刘灵玲夺金董栋摘银
北京时间17日,在蹦床 世界杯 阿塞拜疆站女子网上单人决赛中,中国名将刘灵玲以57.050分的成绩,力压加拿大老将、里约奥运冠军麦克伦南夺得冠军。

孙一文领衔女重获 世界杯 赛铜牌
国际剑联女子重剑 世界杯 第三站于北京时间2月11日在西班牙巴塞罗那结束了团体赛的争夺,共有29支队伍参加了本站比赛的角逐,代表中国出战的四位 …

世界杯 徐梦桃蔡雪桐张可欣摘牌希芙琳4连冠创历史
上周(2月11日到17日),冬奥会相关各项目的 世界杯 分站赛和世界锦标赛在全球各地继续上演。自由式滑雪和单板滑雪世锦赛在上上周结束之后,不少小项 …

空中技巧 世界杯 徐梦桃夺铜王心迪连续两站亚军
2月17日,2018-2019赛季国际雪联自由式滑雪空中技巧 世界杯 俄罗斯莫斯科站比赛,女子组徐梦桃获得季军,徐思存和许诺分列第四和第五。新科世锦赛 …

单板 世界杯 蔡雪桐摘银自由式滑雪U型场张可欣夺铜
2月17日,2018-2019赛季单板滑雪U型场地 世界杯 卡尔加里站,中国选手蔡雪桐获得亚军,同时自由式滑雪U型场地 世界杯 也在卡尔加里进行,中国选手 …

近百名高手角逐 世界杯 滑雪登山赛·中国松花湖站
中新网北京2月18日电记者从中国登山协会获悉,2019 世界杯 滑雪登山赛中国松花湖站即将拉开序幕,这是2019年滑雪登山 世界杯 在欧洲之外地区举办的 …

澳大利亚女足争议中换帅备战法国 世界杯
新华社堪培拉2月18日电(记者岳东兴)距离法国女足 世界杯 开幕还有不到4个月,澳大利亚足协18日宣布,曾在男足领域担任过助理教练的安特·米利契奇 …


2019 世界杯 滑雪登山赛-中国松花湖站即将开赛
中国登山协会 – 中华全国体育总会
2月19日,2019 世界杯 滑雪登山赛-中国松花湖站即将在万科松花湖度假区拉开序幕,这是2019年滑雪登山 世界杯 在欧洲之外地区举办的唯一的一场赛事 …

[冰雪]伦德比再获跳台滑雪 世界杯 分站赛冠军
CCTV节目官网- 央视网
北京时间2月17日,2018-19赛季女子跳台滑雪 世界杯 德国站大跳台个人赛第二场结束争夺,伦德比再获分站赛冠军。

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Canada’s Brittany Phelan scores World Cup ski cross bronze
Brittany Phelan landed on the podium with a third-place finish in World Cup ski cross action in Feldberg, Germany, on Sunday. The Mont-Tremblant …

Rugby facing TV test as World Cup rights still in play
The Sydney Morning Herald
Rugby union’s status as a top-tier TV sport in Australia is about to be tested, with negotiations over rights to air the Rugby World Cup kicking off amid …

Qatar real estate hit hard ahead of World Cup
Daily Times
Qatar’s Doha Tower, a spike-tipped cylinder that glows orange at night, won an award when finished in 2012 amid a Gulf-wide real estate boom, but …

Fillon-Maillet claims second World Cup win
Quentin Fillon-Maillet produced a perfect shooting display as he claimed his second biathlon World Cup win in Soldier Hollow in Utah.

Mikaela Shiffrin skis through illness to win slalom at world championship
The Boston Globe
Fighting off a lung infection, Mikaela Shiffrin delivered her most resilient performance yet to capture the slalom title at the world championships in Are, …

Tretiakov wins World Cup race, takes over points lead
Idaho Statesman
Russia’s Alexander Tretiakov had the fastest time in both heats and won a World Cup men’s skeleton race Saturday. Tretiakov finished in 1 minute, …

Boomers to cap 10 players in World Cup qualifiers
Ten players are poised to debut for a Boomers squad containing only two capped players in the men’s basketball World Cup qualifiers against …

Kripps wins a World Cup four-man bobsled race in Lake Placid
Washington Post
LAKE PLACID, N.Y. — Justin Kripps of Canada drove to the win in a four-man bobsled race Saturday, as Germany’s Francesco Friedrich missed the …

Qatar aims to build $20 billion sports sector ahead of World Cup
DOHA (Reuters) – Qatar wants to attract more sports companies to the Gulf state, aiming to develop a $20 billion sports sector ahead of the 2022 World  …

Chris Gayle: West Indies batsman to retire after 2019 World Cup
BBC Sport
West Indies batsman Chris Gayle will retire from one-day international cricket after this summer’s World Cup . Gayle, 39, has scored 9,727 ODI runs …


Weekends: Neil Humphreys on death of World Cup hero Gordon Banks
Author Neil Humphreys and Jason discuss the legacy of England’s 1966 World Cup hero Gordon Banks. The iconic goalkeeper died just weeks before …

kevin drury races onto world cup podium in first of back-to-back races in germany
Alpine Canada
16, 2019) –Toronto’s Kevin Drury earned his first World Cup podium of the season – a third-place finish – under warm, sunny skies in Feldberg, …

2030 World Cup has many suitors
Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay are to submit a joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup , it was announced on Thursday. Argentina, Paraguay …

Pulwama attack: Denounce India-Pak World Cup match?
CCI secretary Suresh Bafna said that India should not play a match against Pakistan in the forthcoming World Cup . | Pulwama attack: Denounce …

世界杯 – 2019-02-18 – 每日易讯


高清:中国男篮集训备战 世界杯 周琦亮相
高清:中国男篮集训备战 世界杯 周琦亮相. 2019-02-17 … 人民网北京2月17日电(杨磊) 2月17日,中国男篮在北京进行集训,备战今年8月的男篮 世界杯

体操 世界杯 蹦床和单跳比赛开幕式在巴库举行
阿新社报道2月17日报道. 2月16日,体操 世界杯 蹦床和单跳比赛开幕式在巴库举行。 据阿新社报道,比赛开幕式在阿塞拜疆国家体操竞技场举行。

中国足坛年历:希丁克国奥打头炮女足征战 世界杯
里皮贵为 世界杯 冠军教头,已经吊高了中国球迷的胃口。如果继任者不是赫赫有名,中国球迷是否会买账?是希丁克?卡纳瓦罗?还是另有其他外教?

空中技巧 世界杯 徐梦桃夺铜王心迪连续两站亚军
网易体育2月17日报道:. 2018-2019赛季国际雪联自由式滑雪空中技巧 世界杯 俄罗斯莫斯科站比赛,女子组徐梦桃获得季军,徐思存和许诺分列第四和第五。

单板 世界杯 蔡雪桐摘银自由式滑雪U型场张可欣夺铜
网易体育2月17日报道:. 2018-2019赛季单板滑雪U型场地 世界杯 卡尔加里站,中国选手蔡雪桐获得亚军,同时自由式滑雪U型场地 世界杯 也在卡尔加里 …

单板U型场地 世界杯 卡尔加里站蔡雪桐大雪中摘银
2018-2019国际雪联单板滑雪U型场地 世界杯 第四站在加拿大卡尔加里拉开战幕,中国单板滑雪U型场地国家队派出蔡雪桐、邱冷、武绍桐、王健洁、贾颜茹、 …

蹦床 世界杯 刘灵玲技压群芳夺冠董栋摘银牌
北京时间2月17日,2019年蹦床 世界杯 第一站比赛暨东京奥运会首站积分赛在阿塞拜疆巴库收官。中国美女选手刘灵玲技压群芳,夺得女子网上个人冠军, …

男篮备战 世界杯 预选赛周琦身体未恢复至最理想状态
中国男篮备战 世界杯 预选赛李楠:周琦身体未恢复至最理想状态. 中新社北京2月17日电(郭超凯)中国男篮国家队17日在北京举行公开课。中国男篮国家队主 …

平昌一周年徐梦桃 世界杯 摘铜成绩如何尽力就好!
此前结束的普莱西德湖 世界杯 揭幕战中,徐梦桃拿到个人第21枚 世界杯 赛金牌。随后的世锦赛中,徐梦桃获得一枚铜牌,她6次参加世锦赛均有奖牌入账。

南美四国组队申办 世界杯
本报讯(记者张昆龙)北京时间昨天,据英国BBC报道,智利、阿根廷、巴拉圭和乌拉圭将联合申办2030年 世界杯 ,而智利总统皮涅拉在稍早时候也明确表示, …


自由式滑雪 世界杯 中国选手收获一银一铜
CCTV节目官网- 央视网
北京时间2019年2月17日,自由式滑雪空中技巧 世界杯 结束了莫斯科站的争夺,中国选手收获一银一铜。

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Canada’s Derek Livingston takes World Cup halfpipe bronze
Canada’s Derek Livingston claimed World Cup snowboard halfpipe bronze in Calgary on Friday night. The 28-year-old from Aurora, Ont., had a …

Mashaba hopes Amajita can progress past group stage at World Cup
Former Bafana Bafana coach Ephraim “Shakes” Mashaba has congratulated Amajita for qualifying for the Fifa Under- 20 World Cup in Poland later …

Tom Curran hopes BBL performance will press claims for World Cup selection
Tom Curran, the England all rounder, was hopeful that his fine show in the BBL 2018-19 would press his claims for a spot in the national squad for the …

Pellegrino recovers late to bag World Cup win in Cogne
Federico Pellegrino pulled off a scintillating comeback to send the home Italian fans into raptures with victory at the Cross Country Skiing World Cup .

Herrmann races to World Cup glory in Utah
Denise Herrmann showed her pace on the skis as she clinched victory in the women’s 10km pursuit World Cup event in Soldier Hollow in Utah.

Toni Pulu: Ex-Chiefs winger’s World Cup hopes in jeopardy after fractured cheekbone
It left him with a fractured cheekbone and shattered his hopes of launching a Wallabies audition for the World Cup after leaving New Zealand at the …

Meyers Taylor, Kwaza team for World Cup bobsled gold
LAKE PLACID, N.Y. (AP) — Elana Meyers Taylor and Lake Kwaza of the U.S. won a women’s World Cup bobsled race Friday, putting together a …

Paul Farbrace to leave England set-up before World Cup to take up Warwickshire role
I believe they have the right attributes to create history by lifting the World Cup in July and winning the Ashes that follows it. ‘There is never a great time …

Para-bobsleigh World Cup : Corie Mapp wins bronze for GB
BBC Sport
Britain’s Corie Mapp won overall Para-bobsleigh World Cup bronze with a … Mapp, 40, finishes the World Cup season on 868 points, 210 behind …

FIFA president ‘optimistic’ about 48-team Qatar World Cup
Channel NewsAsia
ISTANBUL: FIFA President Gianni Infantino said on Friday (Feb 15) he was ‘optimistic’ about organising the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with 48 teams …


UCI Track Cycling World Championships presented by Tissot
In less than two weeks’ time, the world’s best track cycling specialists will descend on Pruszków, Poland, for the most important competition of the …

First-ever World Cup Victory for Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen in Soldier Hollow Sprint
International Biathlon Union
Norway’s Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen, shooting clean, claimed his first-ever World Cup victory today taking the Soldier Hollow sprint in 23:39.7.

2-man bobsleigh Olympic Champion Friedrich remains unbeaten in BMW IBSF World Cup
In theory, overall victory in the 2018/2019 BMW IBSF World Cup is all but a given for Francesco Friedrich. With seven wins from seven World Cup  …

世界杯 – 2019-02-17 – 每日易讯


钱江晚报记者七贤报道. 足球有两种,中国足球,国际足球。一到 世界杯 、亚洲杯,两种足球的差异大家瞧得一清二楚,比如上个月的亚洲杯上,看过中韩之战 …

这对年少的张继科来说是一个不小的打击,所幸他并没有因此放弃自己。2006年11月,张继科重回国家队。2009年,他在 世界杯 团体赛上获得个人首个世界 …

既然像足球 世界杯 一样搞起了分组,那么分组阶段最重要的看点便是:哪些队伍被分在了死亡之组?由于八个组每组只有三支队伍,所以戴维斯杯出现所谓“ …

他曾经16次站上 世界杯 分站赛最高领奖台,但最近一场胜利还是一年前的事情,距离他唯一一场 世界杯 大回转胜利更是过去了近四年时间。 “是时候拿一枚 …

沈祥福作为主力球员入选苏永舜组建的国家队参加82年的 世界杯 亚洲区的外围赛,在左路的他与右路的古广明(当时广东队球员)是苏永舜教练执行两翼齐 …

曼奇尼说:“缺席2018年 世界杯 的创伤已经过去,但我们必须将其视为一个警钟。现在没有哪一支球队的实力明显强于我们,所以我们为什么不去梦想着拿下 …

2019 世界杯 轮椅击剑大赛沭阳3名残疾人运动员获2金1银3铜
历时5天的2019年 世界杯 轮椅击剑大赛,于当地时间2月14日在阿联酋沙迦落下帷幕。2月15日,记者从市残联获悉,参加此次比赛的宿迁市沭阳县3名残疾人 …

星洲网 Sin Chew Daily (新闻发布)
卡塔尔‧多哈16日综合电)有钱能使鬼推磨!卡塔尔预计将在2022年 世界杯 利用8至12座球场举办所有赛事,其中主场馆卢塞尔球场的外观被镀上一层黄金 …

2019女排 世界杯 中国无缘复仇意大利俄罗斯入围
北京时间2月16日消息,据阿根廷排球协会官网消息,国际排联正式确认了2019年女排、男排 世界杯 的参赛队伍。中国女排入围女排世界 世界杯 ,而最近势头 …

南美四国欲联合申办2030 世界杯 百年赛事或回家
在皮涅拉的推特上,他激动地表示:“几个月前,我向阿根廷、巴拉圭和乌拉圭总统提议,将智利纳入联合申办国之一,共同举办2030年 世界杯 ,而这个提案 …

World cup – 2019-02-16 – Easy News


Bid committee pitches benefits of 2026 World Cup to Lake Houston area businesses
Hosting games from the 2026 World Cup could have a bigger impact on the Houston economy than the Super Bowl or Final Four, said Chris Canetti, …

Norway’s Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen wins his first biathlon World Cup event at Soldier Hollow
Salt Lake Tribune
On Friday afternoon, Christiansen won his first-ever world cup event at the BMW Biathlon World Cup stop here. The 26-year-old took gold in the men’s …

‘Dare to dream’ – Dean Jones feels Australia can win World Cup and Ashes
International Cricket Council
Former Australia batsman Dean Jones feels the team can win the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 if they make a few improvements in the key …

Series Standings and Results: 2018/19 Superprestige, World Cup and DVV Trofee
Cyclocross Magazine
This season, we have been periodically checking in with the Telenet UCI World Cup , Telenet Superprestige and DVV Verzekeringen Trofee / Sack …

Rugby World Cup : Remembering the shock of the century
CNN International
A successful kick at goal could have secured a draw against two-time world champions South Africa — a remarkable result for a team of Japan’s stature …

FIFA president ‘optimistic’ about 48-team Qatar World Cup
Istanbul (AFP). FIFA President Gianni Infantino said on Friday he was ‘optimistic’ about organising the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with 48 teams instead …

Forget the gloom, Australia can World Cup and Ashes
The Sydney Morning Herald
People may laugh, but I honestly think Australia can win both the World Cup and the Ashes this year. We will have to get our ducks perfectly placed in …

Chile joins Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay in World Cup bid
BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) – Chile joined three neighbouring South American countries in a bid to host the 2030 soccer World Cup , according to a joint …

Norway’s Marte Olsbu Roiseland wins World Cup gold in biathlon World Cup stop at Soldier Hollow
Salt Lake Tribune
Norway’s Marte Olsbu Roiseland took World Cup gold on Day 1 of the 2019 BMW Biathlon World Cup stop at the Soldier Hollow Nordic Center.

Qatar’s real estate market faces reality check ahead of World Cup
But with the World Cup edging closer, real estate experts say long-planned projects are now set to flood the market, even as buildings in prime …


World Cup : How BCCI plans to protect players during IPL
We have shortlisted 18 players and will rotate them: Prasad on WC plans | World Cup : How BCCI plans to protect players during IPL.

Road to China 2019: Are Iran poised to clinch their World Cup berths?
TEHRAN (FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Asian Qualifiers) – Iran already have one step in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 door, but getting at …

FIFA president ‘optimistic’
FIFA President Gianni Infantino said he was ‘optimistic’ about organising the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with 48 teams instead of 32.

FIS Junior World Championships – Krvavec
Olympic Channel
Side by side to the world cup in Slovenia the Junior World Championships are kicking off including classic, sprint and team parallel sprint. Watch it on …

Daily Sun
WHILE load-shedding is keeping you in the dark, Africa’s first Netball World Cup is loading, and South Africa looks like the popular destination.

世界杯 – 2019-02-16 – 每日易讯


本报讯 (记者 陈颖 王汝吉) 近日,第40届世界新闻设计大赛(SND)奖项结果揭晓。浙江新闻客户端凭借作品《一带一路上的浙江力量》《2018决战 世界杯  …

此外,他还斩获了 世界杯 和亚洲杯的男单冠军,更是和队友一起夺得了世乒赛、 世界杯 男团冠军,并获得了世乒赛的最有价值球员。雅加达亚运会上,樊振东 …

当天,东京奥组委主席森喜朗在致辞中提及今年秋季将在日本举办的橄榄球 世界杯 赛。他说,今明两年对日本体育界来说是非常重要的两年,希望奥组委工作 …

以本届 世界杯 中国青年报的融媒体产品呈现为例,在前后方高效、默契的联动下,不仅在传统报纸版面推出 世界杯 星球战特刊,还推出中青在线《星球战》网络 …

体操 世界杯 将揭幕范忆琳争奥运资格林超攀PK白井
体坛+特约记者肥柴报道. 2月21日,2019赛季体操 世界杯 系列赛将在澳大利亚墨尔本打响揭幕战。本赛季国际体联共设置7站 世界杯 比赛,其中包括作为奥运 …

7月15日,俄罗斯 世界杯 足球赛落下帷幕。这是融媒体时代的首届 世界杯 ,各媒体在融合报道上展开了激烈竞争。在这种背景下,报纸如何做好体育赛事的 …

BBC:阿根廷、乌拉圭等南美四国将共同申办2030年 世界杯
2月15日讯 根据BBC、法新社等的报道,阿根廷、乌拉圭、巴拉圭和智利这四个南美国家将共同申办2030年 世界杯 。 此外,西班牙、摩洛哥和葡萄牙已经确定 …

体操 世界杯 将揭幕范忆琳争奥运资格林超攀PK白井
2月21日,2019赛季体操 世界杯 系列赛将在澳大利亚墨尔本打响揭幕战。本赛季国际体联共设置7站 世界杯 比赛,其中包括作为奥运单项资格赛的单项 世界杯  …

南美四国将联合申办2030年 世界杯
新华社圣地亚哥2月14日电(记者王沛党琦)智利总统皮涅拉14日表示,智利将与阿根廷、乌拉圭和巴拉圭三国联合申办2030年 世界杯 足球赛。 皮涅拉当日在 …

World cup – 2019-02-15 – Easy News


Rugby – Australian bad boys look to clean up act in World Cup year
By Ian Ransom. MELBOURNE (Reuters) – Forget high-minded talk of ‘people and culture’, the old school mantra of ‘boys will be boys’ is alive and …

Osorio hands in Paraguay reins
The 57-year-old Osorio led Mexico to the last-16 at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, with their campaign highlighted by a memorable win over …

Australia quick Hazlewood confident he’ll be fit for World Cup
Channel NewsAsia
Strike bowler Josh Hazlewood is confident he’ll have plenty of time to recover from a stress fracture in his back before Australia’s defence of the World  …

Pakistan can break India jinx in upcoming World Cup , says Moin Khan
The Indian Express
Former Pakistan captain Moin Khan believes the present national team has the firepower to break its World Cup jinx against India and register the …

Australia pacer Josh Hazlewood confident he’ll be fit for World Cup
Times of India
‘I think, working back (for) the World Cup mostly,’ he told reporters on Thursday at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where he helped Australia beat New …

Brandt admits Germany are in transition after World Cup woe
Yahoo Sports
Brandt admits Germany are in transition after World Cup woe … will use 2019 to recover from their poor performances at the 2018 FIFA World Cup .

World Cup to be held in Thailand for the first time
International Paralympic Committee
Para powerlifting continues to reach new regions as Thailand have been announced as host country for a World Para Powerlifting World Cup for the …

Mikaela Shiffrin settles for bronze medal in GS at world championships
The Denver Post
EagleVail’s Mikaela Shiffrin was embracing the positives after settling for a bronze medal in giant slalom Thursday at the world alpine championships  …

Rugby- World Cup lure looms large over Super Rugby season
By Nick Mulvenney. SYDNEY (Reuters) – The 24th season of Super Rugby gets underway this weekend promising 19 weeks of highly competitive …

Ex-Fifa supremo Blatter summoned in 2006 World Cup investigation
Channel NewsAsia
LAUSANNE, Switzerland: Sepp Blatter has been summoned to explain how Germany was awarded the 2006 World Cup as prosecutors in Switzerland …


Super 6 opening season to start after Rugby World Cup 2019
Scottish Rugby Union
“The Rugby World Cup will generate a huge focus on the sport and following that it will be a great opportunity to launch Super 6 and play the matches …

FIVE reasons why Pant should be picked for World Cup
A pure match-winner, a back-up opener and an effortless six-hitter in the class of Rohit Sharma — Rishabh Pant merits selection in India’s World Cup  …

Football in North Macedonia
Football is the most popular sport in North Macedonia. The country became a member of FIFA in 1994. The national team has made a few remarkable results in qualifiers for the European Championship as well as the World Cup .

In World Cup year, Proteas still eyeing No 1 Test spot
Proteas captain Faf du Plessis says that he is having no trouble keeping his eye on both the World Cup and the Test side.

World Cup to cast big shadow over Super Rugby season
The southern hemisphere’s Super Rugby season begins under the shadow of the impending Rugby World Cup .

Ex-Fifa supremo Blatter summoned in 2006 World Cup investigation
Sepp Blatter has been summoned to explain how Germany was awarded the 2006 Soccer World Cup as prosecutors investigate suspected …

世界杯 – 2019-02-15 – 每日易讯


因斯对这位赢得 世界杯 的中场球员感到失望,在0:2输给大巴黎的比赛中被红牌罚下,这让球队的欧洲梦悬而不决。 索尔斯克亚所带领的球队在八分之一第二 …

其中,2019年重点赛事有:一是将国际乒联女子 世界杯 升级为国际乒联男子 世界杯 和国际乒联女子 世界杯 ,成为全球唯一同时举办乒乓球男子和女子 世界杯  …

稿件来源:足球报. 从“中国杯”走向 世界杯 . 记者程善北京报道第三届中国杯最后一支参赛队伍尘埃落定,乌兹别克斯坦官方发布消息将参加3月18日至26日 …

星洲网 Sin Chew Daily (新闻发布)
他参加了英格兰队在1966年 世界杯 上的所有比赛,包括以4比2击败德国队的决赛。不过,他给人印象最深的还是在1970年 世界杯 上与巴西队比赛中的那次 …

2019年举重 世界杯 赛22日举行CCTV-5将全程直播
13日,记者获悉,2019年举重 世界杯 赛暨东京奥运会资格赛将于2月22日至27日在马尾体育馆举办,中央电视台体育频道(CCTV-5)将对赛事进行全程直播。

丁彦雨航恢复体能训练,期待今年 世界杯 证明自己
社交媒体截图。 新京报讯2月13日,丁彦雨航在社交媒体晒出在达拉斯吃团圆饭的图片,他的经纪人李俞章也在社交平台上晒出丁彦雨航的训练视频,并表示 …

盘点历届 世界杯 的最佳阵容及最佳球员和射手!
国际足联 世界杯 简称“ 世界杯 ”,是世界上最高荣誉、最高规格、最高竞技水平、最高知名度的足球比赛,与奥运会并称为全球体育两大最顶级赛事,影响力和 …

单板U型场地 世界杯 蔡雪桐第二携武绍桐晋级决赛
2月14日,2018-2019赛季国际雪联单板滑雪U型场地 世界杯 加拿大卡尔加里站结束资格赛争夺。女子组,蔡雪桐获得第二,武绍桐获得第七,两位金花携手 …

俄罗斯 世界杯 获评2018年最佳媒体服务奖
新华社北京2月14日电据最新一期《国际体育记者协会》杂志消息,国际足联2018年俄罗斯 世界杯 被评为年度最佳媒体服务奖,平昌冬奥会和温布尔登网球 …

前队友:梅西仍能夺得 世界杯 相信2022属于阿根廷
据进球网报道,前阿根廷射手萨维奥拉表示没有 世界杯 的现实让梅西伤心不已,但他相信巴萨巨星2022年还能带领潘帕斯雄鹰登上世界之巅。 萨维奥拉曾和 …