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Kevin Durant : NBA fans not happy Giannis ignored for All Star MVP award
Another tweeted, in a little more detail: “ Kevin Durant doesn’t deserve it. “He came in while everyone was hot so he got it off them. Giannis bench …

Warrior Wonder: Kevin Durant was the brightest star in the 2019 All-Star game
Golden State of Mind
As Kevin Durant rained hellfire for Team LeBron in the 2019 All-Star Game, it was clear why he is the most coveted free agent in the 2020 class.

Kevin Durant : NBA All Star MVP makes Steph Curry and Klay Thompson trash talk revelation
Durant scored 31 points with seven rebounds and two assists in the win. The star was lining up with Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, Kyrie Irving and …

Kevin Durant steals the show in Charlotte, wins second All-Star MVP
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – In Stephen Curry’s homecoming, Kevin Durant stole the show. Durant scored a team-high 31 points for Team LeBron, helping to …

NBA All Star Game: Joel Embiid responds to Kevin Durant verbal spat with surprise claim
Embiid and Durant were involved in two verbal disputes through the first half of the game. Neither star appeared willing to let the game be the …

LeBron James in All Stars game sends fans into frenzy – ‘Durant to the Lakers CONFIRMED’
And a fourth simply explained: “ Kevin Durant #FutureLaker.” Durant previously opened up on fans being concerned about the decision he may make.

Kevin Durant keeps padding his already-impressive résumé with another All-Star Game MVP
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant has won every major NBA award there is to win: Rookie of the Year, MVP, Finals MVP …

How NBA refs missed out-of-bounds call on Kevin Durant vs. Rockets
3, Golden State took a late lead after Kevin Durant saved a loose ball. But, replays revealed that Durant had both feet out-of-bounds prior to Stephen …

Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving Are Hardcore Flirting During All-Star Weekend
The Big Lead
Not enough was made of the flagrant flirtation between Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving during a Team LeBron practice at All-Star weekend in Charlotte …

NBA All-Star Game 2019: Kevin Durant wins MVP award after helping fuel furious comeback for …
That honor went to Team LeBron’s Kevin Durant . The Warriors All-Star helped his squad take over in the second half, and finished with 31 points and …

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詹姆斯经纪人被批评了! 勇士又有大动作了
森林狼名宿 凯文 -加内特在接受采访时谈到了安东尼-戴维斯申请交易一事。 “我不喜欢 … 美国媒体ClutchPoints今日在推特上晒出了一张照片。 … 今年夏天勇士队中有多位球员将成为自由球员,其中包括克莱、 杜兰特 、考辛斯这样的球星。

… 詹姆斯以8870万美元的总收入排名第一,连续五年成为NBA“吸金王”,勇士队的斯蒂芬·库里和 凯文 · 杜兰特 分列以7950万美元和6500万美元的收入位列第 …

在全明星之前,凯尔特人的战绩为37胜21负,在东部暂时排名第四位。 … 来自美国媒体的报道,勇士球员 凯文杜兰特 日前在接受采访时透露,他计划于下个 …

勇士内讧实锤!库里颜射汤普森! 最后他还卧底
他为字母哥多次送出空接助攻,特别是第二节还剩6分多钟,库里在篮下用力把球往地板上一扔,球弹起来之后越过 凯文杜兰特 ,而字母哥在篮下完成空接暴 …

用你的方式击败你! MVP之争乔治秀翻哈登
本场赛前,“前任” 凯文杜兰特 也盛赞“现任”乔治,称乔治本季“闪耀全联盟”,和威少也默契十足。 今天,乔治也将常规赛的火烫手感带到了全明星舞台上。

今年的全明星正赛,最终获得MVP的球员是勇士前锋 凯文杜兰特 ,这已经是 杜兰特 职业生涯第二次当选全明星的MVP。只不过,上一次 杜兰特 是雷霆队的 …

来自美国媒体的报道,勇士球员 凯文杜兰特 日前在接受采访时透露,他计划于下个月返回俄克拉荷马城,出席前雷霆队友尼克-科里森的球衣退役仪式,杜少 …

凯文杜兰特 拿下了31分7个篮板,勒布朗-詹姆斯和考瓦伊-莱昂纳德各得19分,凯里-欧文13分,詹姆斯-哈登12分。替补出场的克雷-汤普森20分,达米安-利 …

杜兰特 当选全明星MVP! 关键时刻又见死神三分
北京时间2月18日,2019年全明星赛,詹姆斯战队以178-164击败字母哥战队。 凯文杜兰特 首发出场25分钟,15投10中,三分球9投6中,得到31分,并成为 …

威少 杜兰特 已经彻底和解KD在暗示愿意回雷霆?
北京时间2月18日,据美媒报道, 凯文杜兰特 和拉塞尔-威斯布鲁克早已“一笑泯恩仇”。近日 杜兰特 表示,所谓他不想和威少并肩作战的说法是“无知的”。

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LeBron, Durant applaud Kaepernick after NFL lawsuit resolved
The Sydney Morning Herald
James’ All-Star teammate Kevin Durant – who recently went eight days without a sitdown press conference – also said he backs Kaepernick and wants …

LeBron James and Kevin Durant ATTACKED by Bradley Beal at NBA All Star weekend
BRADLEY BEAL doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of players such as Kevin Durant and LeBron James, but concedes he may have to for the sake …

Kevin Durant : NBA insider talks Warriors plan, gives Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis demand
That’s according to NBA insider Chris Haynes. Warriors forward Durant can become a free agent in the offseason if he uses the player option in his …

Kevin Durant says relationship with Russell Westbrook was never ‘in a bad place’
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant aren’t on the same team during All-Star Weekend, but Durant is taking up for his former …

Kevin Durant salutes Dirk: ‘He was unguardable’
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
From one future Hall of Famer to another, Kevin Durant paid his respects to Dirk Nowitzki. The former Texas Longhorns star and perennial NBA …

How good would the Thunder be if Kevin Durant , James Harden stayed in OKC?
Let’s not forget Kevin Durant , who continues to play at a high level, as the defending champion Golden State Warriors reap the benefits of having his …

What would a Kevin Durant trade look like for the Boston Celtics?
Hardwood Houdini
Everybody wants to talk about Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving potentially joining the New York Knicks, but what if they teamed up on the Boston Celtics?

Kevin Durant reiterates support for Colin Kaepernick
San Francisco Chronicle
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A day after news broke that Colin Kaepernick had settled his collusion complaint against the NFL, Warriors forward Kevin  …

New York Knicks: Kevin Durant unconcerned with cap-creating trade
Daily Knicks
The New York Knicks cleared enough cap space with the Kristaps Porzingis trade to potentially sign two max free agents. One of them, Kevin Durant , …

Floyd Mayweather visits Cameron for Duke men’s basketball game vs. NC State
Duke Chronicle
Kevin Durant , a two-time NBA Finals MVP for the Golden State Warriors and 10-time All-Star, had tickets to the game but did not make an appearance.

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哈米杜-迪亚洛撕开了球衣,面对镜头展示出他胸前的超人标志。 …. 第二节还剩4分钟时,哈米杜-迪亚洛完成了对 凯文杜兰特 跳投的封盖,随后他推起了球队 …

网易体育2月17日报道:. 在全明星周末的媒体日上, 凯文杜兰特 接受采访时心情比较平静愉快。前不久他才因为转会流言在新闻发布会上对媒体大发雷霆, …

威少自曝留守雷霆唯一原因他已不记恨 杜兰特
北京时间2月18日,据《The Score》报道,拉塞尔-威斯布鲁克近日表示,尽管球迷津津乐道,但他和 凯文杜兰特 之间没有仇恨。不过,威少也表示组建超级球 …

杜兰特 自创绕口令!等于宣布自己是联盟第一人
北京时间2月17日,今天是全明星媒体会, 凯文杜兰特 亮相接受采访。 杜兰特 说:“我不认为自己比任何人强,但也不相信谁比我强。”(“I don’t believe I’m …

杜兰特 vs欧文!现役2大最强单打手现场1V1,谁赢
北京时间2月17日,全明星正赛两队的训练日,各个正赛选手包括教练都亮相球场。 凯文杜兰特 和凯里-欧文都被选入了勒布朗队的首发阵容,两人在今天的 …

杜兰特 高冷回应他会离开勇士的言论:跟我无关
直播吧2月17日讯今日,勇士前锋 凯文杜兰特 接受了采访。 … 在被问到波尔津吉斯的交易后, 杜兰特 明确表示, 他不想谈论其他球队的交易和谣言:“我为 …

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James, Curry and Durant are the highest-paid NBA players—and they earn most of their money off …
Looking at salary, bonuses and endorsement deals, Forbes found Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant to be the second and third highest-paid players in …

Warriors’ Kevin Durant says there’s ‘nice synergy’ between Thunder’s Paul George, Russell …
Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant says there’s “nice synergy” between Oklahoma City Thunder stars Paul George and Russell Westbrook.

Kevin Durant says relationship with Thunder star Russell Westbrook ‘was never in a bad place’
When Kevin Durant made his exit from the Oklahoma City Thunder and went to the Golden State Warriors, many in the basketball community thought …

NBA stars LeBron James, Kevin Durant stand with Colin Kaepernick
“I think it’s good for athletes to stand up for what they believe in,” Warriors forward Kevin Durant said. “A lot of people don’t agree with what Kap is …

Kevin Durant : Lakers championship prediction made about New York Knicks, Scott Perry hint
That’s the belief of Fox Sports analyst Cris Carter, who thinks Knicks general manager Scott Perry could be key to getting Durant. Durant can become a …

WATCH: Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant toss jerseys at each other after All-Star practice
As they exited the court in Charlotte after NBA All-Star practice on Saturday, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant – who Sunday night will be teammates as …

Kevin Durant : Warriors star wants to join New York Knicks to build an EMPIRE – NBA expert
That’s according to Fox Sports’ NBA expert Nick Wright. Durant’s Thirty Five Ventures company is in the process of moving into a new office building in …

NBA stars LeBron James, Kevin Durant stand with Colin Kaepernick
Houston Chronicle
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A year after Fox News host Laura Ingram said that NBA players should “shut and dribble,” many All Stars on Saturday applauded …

NBA Hall of Famer blasts idea of Kevin Durant leaving Warriors for Knicks
Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant between plays against the Portland Trail Blazers during the fourth quarter at Oracle Arena. (Kelley L …

Kevin Durant glad Kristaps Porzingis ‘in a better spot’ but stays coy on Knicks speculation
CHARLOTTE — Kevin Durant played coy with the media again during Saturday’s NBA All-Star Game availability, saying he didn’t pay attention to …


Watch: Russell Westbrook Discusses Thunder Big 3 Era With Kevin Durant , James Harden
Westbrook detailed the potential success had Kevin Durant and James Harden stayed in Oklahoma City before sharing his opinions on the NBA’s …

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历史上的今天:8人单场砍50+ 魔术师退役球衣
1959年2月16日2届全明星凯利-特里普卡出生 …. 两双,击败全场拿到最高分38分的 凯文杜兰特 ,在带领东部以163-155击败西部的同时也荣膺赛事MVP。

… 信仰的坚持,只是我们都看到了,全联盟曾经三分火力最猛的球队,15-16赛季的勇士,为了给复仇增添砝码,引进了联盟最狠的中距离杀手, 凯文杜兰特

NBA历史上总共有4人曾在全明星赛上打出过三双,他们分别是 杜兰特 、韦德、詹姆斯、乔丹。 2017年新奥尔良全明星赛, 凯文杜兰特 21分10篮板10 …

今年夏天,勇士队的另一位全明星 凯文杜兰特 也将成为自由球员。 杜兰特 从来明确表示他愿意和勇士队续约,而且外界普遍认为 杜兰特 今夏将会离开勇士队 …

杜兰特 真会去纽约吗? 这篇文章或许能告诉你答案
凯文杜兰特 手腕上有一个小小的黑三角形纹身。它象征着 杜兰特 和他的商业伙伴里奇-克莱曼和好友查理-贝尔三人的“铁三角”。 几年前,他们聚在一起聊 …

威少:我对 杜兰特 不存在恨不喜欢组建超级球队
近日,威少做客 凯文 -哈特节目时,其中谈到了与 凯文杜兰特 的关系。 “恨?没有,”当被问及到 杜兰特 时,威少说道,“任何有关我和 凯文杜兰特 )之间的事情, …

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NBA All-Star 2019: Team LeBron vs. Team Giannis by the numbers
Sporting News
The 2019 All-Star Game is almost here. Lakers star LeBron James and Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo completed the first ever televised draft …

Pointless Sports Opinions: Kevin Durant blasts media
This week, the host discusses NBA trades and how Kevin Durant , who plays for the Golden State Warriors, blasted the media over the free agency …

What to expect from Steph, KD and Klay at all-star festivities
Oroville Mercury Register
That will not be the case for the Golden State’s three all-stars Kevin Durant , Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, who will be making their 10th, sixth …

Hollins: Durant Won’t Be A ‘Lone Ranger’ In New York
CBS Sports Radio
It remains to be seen where Kevin Durant will play basketball next season, but former NBA player Ryan Hollins believes this is likely Durant’s last run …

Kevin Durant matches Curry’s 32 points in loss
Kevin Durant matched teammate Stephen Curry with a game-high 32 points in a loss to the Blazers on Wednesday. Durant shot an efficient 12-for-17 …

Kawhi Leonard Throws Shade At Kevin Durant , Everyone In New Balance Ad
In one ad New Balance manages to take shots at James Harden (chasing fouls), Kevin Durant (ignore the comments) and just about every other …

Kevin Durant ‘Make-A-Wish’ come true
Quataviouis dreams came true when he met Kevin Durant in Oakland California. Gulfport native Quantavious has been battling with a blood disorder.

Russell Westbrook says there is no hate with Kevin Durant
Larry Brown Sports
Russell Westbrook says there is no hate between him and Kevin Durant . Westbrook joined Kevin Hart for the latest installation of “Cold as Balls” from …

Steph Curry makes big admission over Kevin Durant , Klay Thompson free agency impact
Kevin Durant and Draymond Green clashed on court against the LA Clippers, as the Warriors lost in overtime. Green reportedly called Durant out for …

On Kevin Durant and his reaction to the Knicks-related speculation
Golden State of Mind
Warriors forward Kevin Durant has been the focus of much of the basketball media. But not for what he’s doing on the court. The rumors have been …

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今年的美国队阵容很均衡,除了德阿隆-福克斯、特雷-杨这两个优秀控卫外, … 首发阵容:勒布朗-詹姆斯(队长)、 凯文杜兰特 、凯里-欧文、科怀-莱昂纳德、 …

最近,拉塞尔-维斯布鲁克做客喜剧明星 凯文 -哈特的节目,展示自己的喜剧天赋。 … 在谈到自己跟 杜兰特 的关系时,他说:“我们之间没有憎恨。人们总想炒作 …

威少11年积攒成历史第一!这数据 杜兰特 排第三
本场比赛之前,威少的生涯总得分为18203分,在队史(雷霆和前身超音速)排名第二,仅次于名人堂控卫加里-佩顿(18207分), 凯文杜兰特 以17566分排名 …

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The NBA’s 3 biggest stars make more money off the court than they do playing basketball and it …
Business Insider
According to Forbes’ Kurt Badenhausen, superstars LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant — the top three total earners in the league this …

Who Is Aunt Pearl? (and Why Does She Have a Sneaker Every Year?)
Sole Collector
In his MVP acceptance speech in May 2014, Kevin Durant famously praised his mother Wanda Pratt, calling her ‘The Real MVP.’ But every MVP …

Kyrie Irving can join Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant in New York Knicks dynasty – pundit
That’s according to Celtics analyst Brian Scalabrine who says Irving could have a once in a lifetime opportunity to join an elite Knicks side if the stars …

Warriors’ Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant on pace to average 2nd most combined points per game …
Entering Wednesday, Golden State Warriors superstars Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are averaging a combined 56.0 points per game.

Whining or warranted? Kevin Durant takes aim at the media
St. Louis American
Kevin Durant . It’s probably safe to say that Kevin Durant is not feeling the media these days. After not speaking with the media for more than a week, …

Kevin Durant to Knicks: Is this the CLUE Warriors star is heading to New York?
Kevin Durant has been delivering dominant performances for the Warriors throughout the season but he is expected to opt out of his two-year, …

Russell Westbrook Assures Fans There’s No More Beef With Kevin Durant
Like his ‘feud’ with KD, Russ also disclosed that he and his former teammates, James Harden and Kevin Durant , don’t harbor on the ‘what ifs’ as …

Warriors’ Kevin Durant : Highly efficient in losing effort
Durant put up 32 points (12-17 FG, 3-4 3Pt, 5-6 FT), four rebounds, three blocks and two assists in 33 minutes Wednesday in the Warriors’ 129-107 …

Kawhi Leonard’s new sneaker ad throws obvious shade at James Harden and Kevin Durant
SB Nation
Kawhi Leonard signed an endorsement deal to create his own line of sneakers with New Balance in November after rejecting Jordan Brand’s last offer …

Warrior Wonder: Kevin Durant does everything efficiently in Portland
Golden State of Mind
With five minutes to go in the third quarter, the Warriors still had a lead and Kevin Durant was still deadly efficient with 28 points on 10 for 13 shooting, …

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活塞首节略占优势,凯尔特人队第二节多点开花逆转局面。 …. 本场比赛,斯蒂芬-库里得到32分、7篮板, 凯文杜兰特 32分,勇士其他球员无人得分上双,德马 …

表现出色! 杜兰 特首节9投7中砍下16分_NBA新闻
2月14日讯 金州勇士队今天客场挑战波特兰开拓者队的比赛正在进行中,首节比赛结束,勇士暂时以33-31的比分领先开拓者。 首节比赛,勇士前锋 凯文 -杜 …

凯文杜兰特 曾表示,安特托孔波有潜力成为有史以来最出色的球员:“我认为他的天花板是——如果他想成为最好的球员,那他真的可能会成为最好的球员。

勇士(41-16)五连胜结束。 凯文杜兰特 得了32分,斯蒂芬-库里三分球14投5中,得32分7个篮板,克雷-汤普森16投仅2中,只得9分。全队三分球38投13中。

美国《福布斯》昨天公布了2018-2019赛季NBA球员收入排行榜,詹姆斯以8870万美元的总收入排名第一,勇士队的斯蒂芬·库里和 凯文 · 杜兰特 分列第二和第 …

17中12杀神输了22分? 比他更无解的只有裁判了
北京时间2月14日,金州勇士队客场挑战波特兰开拓者,此役勇士首发小前锋 凯文 兰特 出战33分钟,17投12中,其中三分球4投3中得到32分,外加4个 …


凯文杜兰特 持球. 达米安-利拉德跳投. 达米安-利拉德上篮. 埃文-特纳跳投. 赛斯-库里跳投. 克莱-汤普森背打. 达米安-利拉德与CJ-迈克勒姆. 凯文杜兰特 跳投.